Phillipa appeared on BUILD Series yesterday (April 22nd) to discuss her role on “The Code” and more. Check out videos from the interview below, along with screencaptures and more in the gallery!

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Natasha of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812. Elizabeth Schuyler in Hamilton. The titular heroine in Amélie. Three original, daring, fresh roles; one actor. Phillipa Soo has been ahead of the curve in pursuing and originating strong women on the stage—and now she brings that same verve and vulnerability to her newest endeaver: television.

“Ultimately, for me, I‘m driven by great storytelling and great rooms with great people, and I‘m really enjoying working in this medium,” says Soo.

Having made her TV debut in the fan favorite Smash, the Tony nominee returns to the screen in CBS’ The Code, a new courtroom drama that follows Marines who also work as attorneys, prosecutors, and investigators. Soo plays Lieutenant Harper Li, a new Marine struggling to prove herself to her colleagues and family.

“She comes from a privileged background,” says Soo. “She went to law school and got out and instead of joining the family firm, she decided to join the Marines and serve her country.”

Soo, who has portrayed numerous strong female characters, finds yet another juicy role in Harper. “I think there‘s an assurance that I find in Harper—that she’s driven and she’s ambitious but she’s still just so self-knowing—that I’ve found in a lot of other characters that I’ve played: young women who just know that’s the path that they want to take so that’s the path that they choose,” she says.

Of course, no show has brought that message to the forefront the way Broadwa’’s Hamillton has and Soo recognizes the platform the Lin-Manuel Miranda opus has provided her and the legacy of which she is a part. “I look around at everything that’s happened and I think ‘Oh wow, this is bigger than any of us,’ and I could never have known that being in it.” she says. “Now that I’m outside of it, I can sort of appreciate it and see it grow and at the same time, I still feel a part of it and I always will feel a part of it.”

In fact, starting April 27, she will virtually reunite with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the creatives behind Hamilton to bring “Hamilton: the Exhibit” to Chicago. The two will be auditory guides through the life and times of Alexander Hamilton in an immersive 360-degree experience that will tour across the country after rounding out its sit in Chicago at the end of the year.

But fear not, theatrelovers. Despite her new steady gig on the small screen, Soo has no plans of leaving the theatre. “Of course I would come back to the theatre. I think that‘s the goal, actually,“ she says. Earlier this month, she made a one-night-only appearance in Nassim, the Off-Broadway play where a new actor takes the stage each night to perform a script they’ve never seen before.

Soo aims to gain experience in all aspects of the industry. “I want to know how people do their jobs so that I can do my job better, and maybe one day do another job that’s not being an actor. Maybe produce, maybe write. We‘re all storytellers here, why not take a leap?“ she says.

“To be able to live and work and sustain yourself and enjoy the people that you’re working with and feel like you’re telling impactful stories, whether that’s in front of an audience or behind a camera, it just depends on fate.“

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Our gallery has had a little update! A massive thank you to Renata for helping out with some of these photos!

Check out all of our new additions below!

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BroadwayWorld released a new preview of the upcoming Eliza Project documentary. Check out the small clip featuring Pippa and some of her Hamilton co-stars below, along with screencaptures in the gallery!

The film will debut November 6, 2017 at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. during the donation day for Giving in America. It will also screen at the opening of the exhibit in March 2018. The film will be donated to the Smithsonian as a gift from Morgan Marcell, Graham Windham and The Eliza Project.

Gallery Links:
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Our gallery has had a major update, with hundreds of HQ photos of Pippa that either weren’t there before or weren’t in the best quality. A massive thank you to Shannon for helping out with these photos!

Check out all of our new additions below!

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BroadwayWorld released a new video a couple of days ago featuring Pippa in their ‘Turning The Tables’ series. Check out the video below, as well as screencaptures in the gallery!

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